Social Responsibility

Our producers buy their cocoa according to the direct trade principle, which is explained below.

The premise: the smaller the number of people who want to earn money from the same product, the more that can be left for the individual. Known from the coffee and tea industry, the direct trade model is now increasingly being adopted by chocolate makers. In the last few decades there has been a strong increase in awareness that our consumption is also political.

Does our money flow into the hands of a few large corporations or does it enable people like me and you to make an independent living? To be able to lead a good life you need education, security, health and independence. Things that we grow up with as a matter of course, because generations long before us campaigned for them.

Financial independence is often the key to these and other privileges. In direct trade, a raw material is bought directly on the farm or a central and specialized fermentation station. Both variants provide a good insight into everyday work and the conditions on site. The quality of the cocoa beans can also be checked directly on site.

New opportunities through exchange

The cultivation standards are improving due to the quality-related demand. Synergies arise when the farmers are heard and experts offer training on biodiversity, waste management and tree care. The chocolate makers can compare their ideas with reality and benefit from the knowledge of the cocoa farmers. The cocoa farmers, on the other hand, gain independence, standard of living and thus future through stable prices, transparency and the opportunity to participate in decisions.

There are still no fixed guidelines according to which Direct Trade must run or be certified. Rather, it is a framework that still leaves room for interpretation. Flexibility is of course vital in this sector, after all, you are still dealing with nature and with it a certain unpredictability. Crop failures due to climatic capers or pests need to be taken into account, political unrest can complicate processes. It is therefore always worthwhile to take a closer look and check whether the label is sticking to it or whether actions are followed.