About us

We are Choco Dealer. Established 2015, we deal with premium bean-to-bar chocolates from all over the world.

We carefully select the chocolate makers we work with. We choose them by ethics, quality and conscience. We want to make sure, that by enjoying chocolate no one gets hurt or exploited. Our chocolate makers obtain strict self-imposed ethical rules. They want to make sure, the people they work with do so in a safe working environment, that their children can go to school and that they get paid premium prices for their wonderful product.

Yet that is not enough, many of them also engage in various activities leading further down the road to ethical and sustainable farming and sourcing. Supporting NGOs, buying cocoa only from agroforestry, establishing circular economic production cycles or focusing on biodegradeable wrappings. They support artists or purchase as many ingredients as possible locally.

All these small actions melt together into something vastly delicious. Their approach shows us, that making the world a better place can start by eating chocolate – now if this isn’t the best news you got today! We’re happy to welcome you on your tour through our exquisite collection! Stay sweet!